Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Comparision: Prototype, Dojo, jQuery, mootools and SmartClient

Before starting to build new UI for our new project, I made some research on different AJAX RIA Frameworks. Below are my findings on the same:

1. Prototype framework favorable links:
2. Dojo framework favorable links:
3. jQuery framework favorable links:
4. Speed performance test of different RIA frameworks can be found at: http://mootools.net/slickspeed/#

Few more comparasions:

Out of all these findings I started using SmartClient 5. Initially we faced some issues but as SmartClient matures I find it interesting in many terms: 1. APIs doc help and examples 2. Flexible controls 3. Forum

Today I am working on SmartClient 8 and few on my GUIs are in production running successfully. Actually the great help with SmartClient is that you find every thing at one place. No need to dug many other sites that is hard to do for any other open source RIA framework.

So my choice is no doubt SmartClient.